I am a delight to behold

My body is worth it.

My body is worth being clothed with care and consideration. I will not settle for things that don’t fit right.

My body shouldn’t be an afterthought. It is not difficult, or a way to deflect social media scrutiny. I’m not grateful for your crumbs.

Clothes hang differently on my body than thin bodies – it’s an opportunity for expression, for new shapes, and artistic freedom. It’s not a problem to be solved or diminished.

I am to be valued for the body I have. It’s ideal as it is and deserves patterns and clothes that were made for it, not in spite of it. Don’t hide me on the last slide of your post.

Look at me. I am soft. If you haven’t stroked a fat body and enjoyed its softness, you are missing out on delight.

I am a delight to behold.