About me

Hi! I’m Leila Kelleher (she/her) and I am a pattern designer, activist, and Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Social Justice and Parsons School of Design in New York City. My work at my sewing pattern company, Muna and Broad combines my expertise in patternmaking with my knowledge of the human body to ensure a great fit for plus size bodies. I strive to make sewing and fashion accessible – we all deserve to swathe our bodies in beautiful garments to express our style, because sewing is for everyBODY.

I also enjoy creating beautiful images and garment styling photos to inspire others to experiment and play with clothes. Since large bodies are often marginalized in the fashion industry, we are often forced to buy clothing that simply fits our body or fits into societal expectations about what plus size and fat people “should” wear. I am unapologetically fat and select what I wear based on how I wish to express myself, not on what others would choose. I do not dress to minimize my fatness.

I am proud to work with companies and people who share my passion for the equity, visibility, and empowerment of marginalized people, especially BIPOC and fat/plus size people.